New soldering oven FabLab donated by Rogers Corporation

Since a few weeks FabLab Leuven has a new soldering oven. This is good news for electronics and mechanics students and researchers among others. They will now be able to solder the  ever-smaller electronics themselves without having to invest in expensive and large infrastructure.

In this oven one complete printboard with SMD components can be soldered in one time instead of having to solder each joint manually. This means an enormous gain in time and therefore more possibilities to experiment with self-designed electronics.

The user-friendly soldering oven, worth 12,000 EUR, was donated by Rogers Corporation in Evergem, a company, which is specialized in the studies, design and production of high-tech materials. The oven is as good as new, so we expect that FabLab users will be able to use it for a long period of time from now on !

A sincere thanks to Rogers Corporation. Due to this generous gift hopefully more students and researchers will find their way to FabLab Leuven.


Translated by José de Krosse