A milling machine does the opposite of a 3D printer. A 3D printer starts with nothing and then builds up the model. A milling machine starts with a full plate of material and takes away material until it has reached the desired model. Of course this results in a lot of trash as the model is often only a fraction of the original plate…

It works with a cutter head that can mill away layers of not too hard a material from top to bottom. If you mill away a thin layer, it engraves, and if you mill away even more, you can mill a 3D object out of it.

This machine also works with a program for which you need a .stl file or .svg file. So drawing will be in 3D or 2D, same as for the 3D printer or the laser cutter. Another disadvantage of this machine is that you can only take away the upper side of the material. You cannot remove materials from the sides.

For this machine you always need to make an appointment. Please take into account that this machine is not available on a daily basis and cannot be used for just any project. This will always be decided by the FabLab manager.


We would highly appreciate it if you could follow the below guidelines:

As soon as your (Inkscape) file is ready, you can come to the FabLab on a Friday between 9 and 10 am in order to have your file checked by the FabLab manager (do you want to be sure he's there that specific day, you can always give us a phone call on beforehand).

In case the file is ok, an appointment will be made asap (we always try to plan the milling on Fridays from 10 am).