Material prices

At FabLab Leuven the use of the machines is for free, in exchange for knowledge. This means that you don't have to pay, if you put your plans online. For the materials the below prices are applicable (= cash).

For invoices there are other tariffs - this amounts to a surplus of approximately 45% due to internal costs for invoices above 25€ // below 25€ there is an extra surplus of 10€ administrative cost):

MDF (60x30cm)
3mm = 1.50€
4mm = 1.50€
6mm = 2€
9mm = 3€

Plexi (PMMA)(60x30cm)
2mm = 5€
3mm = 7€
4mm = 9€
5mm = 11€
6mm = 13€
8mm = 17€

Sometimes we have smaller plates of transparent plexi available (approx. 60x20cm) and these are half the price - you can always ask us.

Colored PMMA
3mm = 12€ (60x30cm)
matte white, matte black, mirror silver
Sticker = 0.15€/cm (material is approximately 57 cm broad - we always have several colors)
T-shirt = 0.15€/cm (material is approximately 45 cm broad - we always have several colors)
3D printer Objet30 Prime*
0.50€/cm³ (for students of Association KU Leuven)
0.60€/cm³ (for personnel and labo’s KU Leuven and target groups)
1€/cm³ (for rest group)
*For the Objet there is a standard start-up cost of 10€

In case of explicit demand for material change, the extra cost will be charged to the requester.

3D printer Form1

0.30€/ml (for everyody )

3D printer Vertex
0.10€/gr (for everybody)
Key Chain rings = 0.25€/piece

Help with designing = 60€/hour

You are also welcome to use our laser cutters if you don't want to share your plans. Then you'll have to pay for the time you use the machine.
For commercial laser cutting you always need to make an appointment. For the laser cutter this is 0.5€ per minute laser time, with a minimum start cost of 10€.
For the other machines you will have to put your plans online. If you don't belong to the target group and you would like to make a 3D print without sharing your plans, we can only refer to commercial 3D-printers like i Materialise.