In FabLab two kinds of workshops are offered:

  1. By (someone of) FabLab personnel:

In the FabLab lectures or workshops are given, with the possibility of it being a team building activity. We can try and make up a customized program for anyone. In order to know the possibilities, you can contact us at: Please be aware that the number of participants for a workshop is limited to 20 persons - for lectures the maximum is 100 persons. The price for a workshop is 650€ (excl. VAT) for a day-part (morning, afternoon or evening). The price for a lecture is 150€ (excl. VAT and excl. travel expenses).

  1. By a former FabLab job student:

Do you feel like laser cutting with your friends or family in an evening, but you don't have any experience? Or would you like to give a team building or birthday party n Fablab? Then you can apply for a workshop for groups up to 15 persons. You'll get an explanation on how the machines work and how you can laser cut key chains, jewelry or your own board game. Do you happen to have a fantastics idea of your own? We'll then guide you in creating your own project.

Praktical information:

  • Workshops can only be held between 19:00 and 22:00 during week days or during the weekends.
  • You yourself compose a group of maximum 15 persons (minimum age is 12).
  • You don't need any Fablab experience to follow this workshop.
  • For more information on this workshop (incl. cost price), you can send an e-mail to
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