***currently the RSS feed of Instructables is not functioning, so we cannot display the Fabmoment at our website***

When you came in FabLab before 01/01/2020 (as non KU Leuven person), you needed to put the files and photos of your design on the website of Instructables with keyword fablableuven. Did you create a nice design (after 01/01/2020) and you like this to be accessible for the FabLab users, you can still create an "Instructable". Please, pay attention that you'll issue the "Instructable" completely (only at the end you can write your keyword fablableuven !!). After your "Instructable" has been put on-line, you send an e-mail to fablableuven@kuleuven.be so that we know you created one. This way we can try to put your instructable also on our website.

Herewith the link on how to make a good "Instructable": https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Create-a-Feature-Worthy-Instructable/

*** Pay attention that Instructables requires steps in the Instructable - ideally your instructable has at least two steps. In step 1 you can e.g. make a photo of your file (don't forget to upload the files itself as well) and in step 2 you can upload a photo of the end result. Of course you are free to add more steps, but be aware that for every step a photo is needed ! The link you get from Instructables, doesn't automatically mean that your instructable is also on line - it's highly possible that they will write a comment and that you need to adapt it before it will be put on line. It's best that you check your link one or two days later for the comment !