How to make a file for a T-shirt print ?

  • You choose a design (black-white), modify it in Inkscape (put image in reflection !!) and save this in GIMP as .jpeg
  • You go to cutting machine
  • First you put the correct color in the machine – load roll, hang it right and put the black “thingies” in position
  • Enter
  • Then you input the dimensions (which you see on the machine) of the roll in the program cutstudio through Cutting > Properties (the pc is next to the cutting machine)
  • You import your document(s)
  • Per image: right click > image outline – here you play a bit with the density and then > extract contour lines + ok
  • You check if the outlines have been followed correctly. In case not, you can try to adjust the density or your file.
  • Then: Cutting + ok
  • After this you take away the material that doesn't need to be printed (best to use tweezers)
  • Finally you put your t-shirt under the printing machine (max 180°C !!) and your printed t-shirt is ready.