In our FabLab we have the following 3D printers:

3D printer

*** During CORONA-measurements ***

For 3D prints you send the files to We'll then have a look at the files (and perhaps ask you some extra questions) and will then inform you when you can come and pick up the print(s). You always carry a face mask (face mask is obliged on all KU Leuven campuses).

*** Under normal circumstances ***

In order to use our 3D printers you come with your "stl" file to us. This way we can together determine the printing direction / printing density and cost price.

Pay attention that we also need to use support for printing most of the files. After printing, this support needs to be taken off of washed away with water (depending on the printer).

In order to use the 3D printer, you'll need a drawing in 3 dimensions. You can make this in several 3D-drawing programs (CAD programs). When your drawing is finished, you'll need to export is to an .STL file (in millimeter !).