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House rules

Herewith a few guidelines in order to keep life pleasant for everybody in FabLab.

  • Reporting: before using the machines, please first report to someone of the FabLab staff.
  • First come first serve: keep into mind that we are still applying the first come first serve principle.
  • Logging: from the moment you are using a laser cutter, you need to put a valid student-, staff- or logging card on the machine (when green, your data are being read, when blue or red, please report to FabLab staff).
  • Opening hours: please, respect our closing time – no new tasks to be initiated after 5.30 pm and the machines will be switched off latest at 5.45 pm – keep this into mind !
  • Use of machines: use common sense when using the machines and if you don’t know it, we prefer that you check with the FabLab staff.
  • Work place FabLab: always use the suction with those machines that have a suction system. In case of doubt, just check with the FabLab staff.
  • Rubbish: there are enough dustbins – use these to dispose of your own rubbish – this will be pleasant for everybody using the FabLab.
  • Breaking or damaging optics: If you damage or break a lens due to incorrect focus we will charge 35€

Thanks in advance !

Marc, Thomas, José

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