House Rules

Here are a few small rules to keep life pleasant for everyone in the FabLab.

  • Sign up: before using machines or tools from the FabLab, you must first sign in to someone from the FabLab staff.
  • First come first serve: keep in mind that we work through the first come first serve principle.
  • Logging: from the moment you use a laser machine, you need to place a valid KU Leuven student or staff card on the machine (in green your data will be read - in blue or red you will be happy to report to the FabLab staff).
  • Opening hours: like to respect our closing time - no new tasks are set up after 17:30 and the machines are turned off at 17h45 - keep that in mind!
  • Use machines: use your common sense when using the machines and if you don't know anything, prefer to ask someone from the FabLab itself.
  • Workshop FabLab: always use the suction in those machines that have an extraction system. If in doubt, ask the FabLab staff.
  • Waste: there are enough rubbish bins - use it to eliminate your own waste - this keeps it pleasant for everyone to get into the FabLab.
  • Damage/break lenses: If you damage or break a lens by misfocusing, 35€ will be charged.

Thanks in advance!

David, David, New Year Old

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