If you want to come to FabLab Leuven, then reservation is always obliged !

Before you can come by, you need to reserve our machines through our reservation tool.

See also: How to register my account ?

Pay attention – if you make a reservation, you reserve for 1 person per machine and only for using the machine (so, not for meetings in FabLab with colleagues, not for designing purposes – this all you need to do on beforehand and not in the FabLab).

For 3D prints you send the files to and we’ll inform you when they are ready. You’ll get a confirmation from us when you can come to pick up your print. You then always wear a face mask (face mask is obliged on all KU Leuven campuses)

How to pay:

– Budget number / order number for materials

– Payconiq/bankcontact app

NO assembling of designs in the FabLab.

NO coming in without having received a time slot. Hand hygiene and mouth mask are obliged when entering.
Open hours are from 9 – 17:30.