Welcome to Leuven

FabLab Leuven is "open source hardware" for students and personnel of the Association KU Leuven, Imec and Flanders Make, i.e.: a library with user friendly machines to make almost anything with wood or plastic.

For students and personnel of the Association KU Leuven, Imec and Flanders Make.

attention: RESERVATION POSSIBILITY for personnel: make your reservation here.

Always take your personal student or personnel card of Association KU Leuven, Imec or Flanders Make with you and report to us before using the machines. We allow maximum 25 persons in our largest FabLab room.
Are you personnel, you can still make your reservation here.

Furthermore you show that you respect our FabLab and the other users by always cleaning up your material when you have finished.

You are only allowed to use one machine per project / person (i.e. if you are making invitiations or tokens for scouts, you can only use one laser cutter). This in respect for the people waiting to use the laser cutter as well.


Personnel can still reserve through our tool.

Monday (Whit Monday)Closed
Tuesday8:45 - 17:45
Wednesday9:00 - 17:45
Thursday8:45 - 22:30
Friday8:45 - 17:45

We zijn open.

Next data we're closed or have different opening hours:

4 Jun14:00 - 17:45

1 Jul - 12 JulClosed
15 Aug - 15 AugClosed
26 Aug - 30 AugClosed
2 Sept - 2 SeptClosed
1 Nov - 1 NovClosed
11 Nov - 11 NovClosed
25 Dec - 31 DecClosed

Heb je een idee? Wil je het realiseren? Zoek je een plaats waar je een eerste prototype kan maken om eventuele klanten te overtuigen? FabLab-Leuven is die plaats...


From 02/01/2020 FabLab is no longer accessible for everyone

With regrets we have to announce that FabLab Leuven will no longer be accessible for everyone. Unfortunately FabLab Leuven can no longer bear the costs for non KU Leuven users and after 7 years of negotiations there’s still no solution. Therefore, from 2 January onwards you will need a personnel of students card of KU Leuven or of “Associatie KU Leuven” in order to use FabLab Leuven’s facilities.

Always send us an e-mail if you would like to use the CNC mill !! Also keep in mind that you send your mail enough time in advance !!


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