As the basic principle of a FabLab is sharing your knowledge with others, we also like to do that. Especially for that reason a couple of years ago we started organizing summer camps for children aged 12 to 16. These activities are co-promoted by the STEM-academia and Agoria, where STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering en Maths). In FabLab all these pillars are being addressed.

Would you like to apply modern techniques and make anything in wood and/or plastic ? Would you like to know how a laser cutter and a 3D printer work or would you like to learn to work with electronics ? In our FabLab you can learn it all ! You can for example change a plexi plate into a clock or invent a clever and creative machine that can react on signal from outside with the help of sensors. On a daily basis we exchange this with sport and play moments in cooperation with Sporty VZW. If you don't mind a challenge, then come and participate !

(in 2022 the camps will be from 4-8 July, 11-15 July and 22-26 August)

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